An Stalled Car and an Awesome Surprise

“Awww! Start Start Start!” I shouted angrily at my car.
The ignition stalled stubbornly and I yelled in frustration. It was snowing really hard, my cell phone was dead and I was completely lost.
I just laid my head down on the steering wheel and started to cry.
A few minutes later I heard knocking on the window. There was someone in a hat and scarf standing out there. I rolled it down the tears still streaming down my face.
“Are you o.k?” the voice of a guy’s voice came through over the roaring wind. It sounded familiar…
“My car won’t start!” I said.
“Do you need a ride?” he asked.
I nodded. “A ride would be great!”
“O.K. Come on!” he opened the car door and I climbed out.
He walked me to an R.V. parked behind my car and we got in.
“Thank you, so much!” I gushed. “I-”
I stopped dead after seeing who it was in the R.V. Then I whirled around, the guy I’d been talking to had taken off his hat and scarf.
“Oh my God! You’re Joe Jonas!” I exclaimed.
He just grinned at me.

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