Jacob & More Drama

I unwillingly pushed Owen away. “Jacob, wait! I like you back!” I screamed after him. I planned to run after him but Owen grabbed me roughly and tried to kiss me. “Jacob, wait!” I yelled again, “Owen let me go!” He held on tight, convinced that no matter what he would win. Jacob turned from the bench he was heading to. He came back to me and Owen had no choice but to let go. “Look at the bright side,” Jacob began smugly, “You still have Hannah.” He glazed at me and said, “We need to have a serious talk about some things.” I asked, “What type of things because I swear if you say that P-e-t-e name, I’ll freak.” He laughed lightly and hugged me before opening the car door for me. “No worries, he’ll be the farthest thing from the convo. I have to tell you about some people though. Two older ones.” He continued to talk as he got in beside me. Owen went to get a cab defeated. “Well you know, two people called parents might have left me.” Woah his parents left him? More drama. But I do have order. Jacob+Me=♥

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