The Jonas Robbery Part 7: Crying

I heard a loud sob, and looked to see Nick bawling like a baby. He stepped over the legs of the fallen man and embraced Kevin.

Kevin held Nick tightly as Nick cried on Kevin’s shoulder. “I thought I was gonna die,” I heard him say between sobs. “I thought I was gonna die,” he reapeted. I saw the tears forming in Kevins eyes.

Joe, who had tears running down his cheeks, stood there awkwardly for a moment, then lunged for his brothers, and hugged them as tight as he could. “You’re okay, Nick, you’re okay,” he told Nick.

My lip began to quiver and I let out a small gasp…I was crying too. I glanced to the ground. The man still lay there, unmoving. I wasn’t sure if he was even breathing. When the realization set in that my life had almost ended, I began sobbing hysterically. I burried my face in my hands and cried harder than I ever had.

I felt a light tap on my shouler, and looked up to see Joe standing over me, looking sympathetically into my eyes.

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