A Costly Detour

The door turned an angry orange as the soldiers on the outside tried to cut their way through. Outside the stars flitted by, our thrusters leading us and the trailing fleet into battle.One of my team suddenly screamed and dropped to the floor. The Admiral and his soldiers scrambled through the new gap in the wall over the bleeding soldier.One of the Admiral’s men stopped to help the fallen man as me and my crew were rounded up.

“Leave him.”the Amiral stated calmly.

The soldier complied and the man on the floor lay still. The Amiral just smiled grimly at me.

“That is what happens to traitors and rebels,Duke.” he said,” Though I daresay your death will be more…interesting.” he finished as he began to laugh.”You will fight the Arvians, though not with a ship.”

He must’ve noticed my confused look because he continued.”You’ll be given a bomb and launched into the Arvian mothership via escape pod.”

“What you do from there is up to you. Perhaps you’ll survive.”

“Perhaps not.”

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