Pierre Stands Up to John Once Again

We could hear John shuffling around the apartment, going about his usual business.

“Pierre!” he called out, sounding a bit annoyed. He walked into the bedroom and stopped short.

“What’s this?” he hissed, looking in my direction.

“We were just talking,” Pierre defended.

“I bet you…What is she wearing? Are those Elizabeth’s?” He said, slightly raising his voice, pointing at me.

“I, um…needed something to wear…” I mumbled.

“Because you came over here naked? Is that why?” He argued.

“Well, sort of, its a long story…” I began.

“Which you don’t need to hear,” Pierre said, standing up, “Besides, John, you’re late today.”

“My partner needed help, he was attacked by some vagrant in this neighbourhood! I don’t know why you want to live in the same building as all these international students and volunteers,” John said angrily. That last comment really got to me, he made it sound like I was some criminal.

“John, I don’t need you today,” Pierre finally said, reaching out for me.

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