“Yeah, that’s what most people say.” he stuck out a hand. “Now that we’ve established who I am, and I’m guessing that you know who they are, ” he gestured to Kevin and Nick. “What’s your name?”
“I’m Wesley Robin. Yeah, I know it sounds like a guys name.” I said shaking his hand.
“I don’t think it sounds like a guy’s name.” Nick said.
“It’s unique.” Kevin added.
“Uh do you have anything in your car that you need?” the driver asked.
“Oh!” Joe turned to him and flushed red. “Wesley, this is our bodyguard, Moe.”
“Hi!” I said sticking out a hand. “It must be hard protecting these boys from crazy screaming girls.”
Moe laughed. “Yeah, sometimes. About your car…”
“Oh yeah,” I said. “The only thing in there is my suitcase…”
“I’ll get it.” Moe said, getting out before I could protest.
“Um, so Wesley. Where were you going?” Kevin asked me.
“Um, y’know…places.” I couldn’t resist saying.
Kevin grinned.
“Awkward!” Nick and Joe exclaimed simultaneously.

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