Whats a Girl With Wings to Do?

“They just sprouted?” Alexandra asked. “And you didn’t, like, think it was weird or anything?”

Cassandra frowned. “I guess I thought it was, y’know, puberty stuff.”

Alex grinned. “Let’s see: acne, underarm hair, boys getting spontaneous erections… nope, they didn’t say anything about growing wings in health class. Maybe I missed that day.”

Cassie rolled her eyes. “C’mon, this is serious! What am I gonna do? If anybody sees these… things,” she said, fluttering her wings, ” I’ll be, like, a social leper!”

“Yeah, you’re right. Sorry.” Alex sat silently for a moment, thinking. “Wait a minute. Do those things, y’know, like, work?”

“You mean, can I fly?” Cassie asked. She paused. “I don’t know…”

“Well, Cass,” Alex said, smiling mischievously. Cassie knew exactly what that look meant: they were about to do something very stupid. “Don’t you think it’s time we climbed up on the roof and found out?”

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