i felt someone shaking me awake and pulling the covers off. “urgh,” i said, swatting at their arms. “leemeelone,” i muttered into my pillow.
“gise-elle…!” my mother’s voice sang.
“uckhgk! what?!” i said, blinking my tired green eyes.
“guess what we’re doing today?” she continued her happy song.
“i don’t know what you’re doing today, but as of now, i am sleeping,” i said, pulling my night sky comforter back over my head.
“no, silly, we’re going dress shopping for your little dance!”
”... why?” i asked. i could just wear some sort of dress that i had brought with me from home.
“it’s your first real dance!!” she said. “you need your first real dress. it has to be special.”
“okay, but why do i have to get up at…” i glanced at the clock… “7:30 a.m. on a saturday?”
“because we need to get an early start. we are going to be gone all day, you know,” she said as she pulled me out of bed and shoved me in the bathroom. “now hurry up! we must be leaving!”
and i started geting ready.

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