Move To The Beat

The rhythm makes you want to move. It takes you places on a journey through movements and jumps like a rollercoaster ride. At first it may seem like you are the only person watching, but soon you realize everyone is watching you. When you put all your energy into the movements, your body feels furious. Control the energy into stronger steps. This makes the music take your body through a stream of sounds and colors. Your mind takes you to the moon, leaping from crater to rock. When soon you realize you’re waiting for the next beat to start. As soon as it begins, you soar over clouds once again, floating until you’re buried in the sand of the beach. The rhythmic pattern of the waves and seagulls forces you to slide in the sand. Following the beat, a sudden gust of wind flies through your hair and you exhale. As you open your eyes you notice yourself in the mirror as the beat stops and your parents applause. “Wow”you say to yourself“I guess I got a little too carried away.”

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