Another Cover Story

“We rounded up another 34 today sir…” The young lieutenant reported matter of factly to his commanding officer.

“This was to be expected.” The older man turns away looking through his blinds over looking a simple parade ground just outside the OPS Center.

The lieutenant shifts uncomfortably in his own skin, “I understand, I just can’t get used to these orders. They’re only looking for food, they have begun to starve. I know our orders but…”

“Let’s hope we never get used to them.” His CO interrupts.

“Agreed, Sir.”

“How close are we to wiping out the last of the infected?” The CO turns and presents the fa├žade of a man who has complete control over the situation. His presence here is little more than a formality, his control…non-existent.

“Most of the hotspots south of the Thames have been burned to the ground sir, the cover story is intact…a natural gas line had been leaking unnoticed. A simple light switch ignited the whole thing.”

“How many more cover stories…” the CO thought to himself.

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