1964, A Letter Home

Dear Husband-To-Be,

As you know, I’ve been down here in Vietnam. Though working to the boundaries of my physical body strength and eating the most horrendous, stomach-churning, unidentifiable substance of food may sound like a good deal, but take my word for it – it’s not. Now, don’t go and worry about me, I’m fine.. in the point of view of Chuck, who has been shot in the leg four times. And lost a toe. But anyway.

I have news for you, infact. I’ve made a million dollars and have gone for tea with the sargent of the opposing side. Hahaha. Oh, how I wish I could hear the sweet sound of your laughter, I miss it so dearly. But, frankly, I won’t be able to hear anything for at least a few years. At least, that’s what the doctors have told me.

I am being called by my fellow soldiers, it’s an emergency, I shall write again, I lov-

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