Izzy's Plan

Never had Izzy heard a man say such a thing to her. She was impressed by Renard’s answer, and his strange, yet instant loyalty. She was willing to overlook his strange way of speaking and his sudden jolts of facial expressions. He would have to do, she thought.

“Its a deal,” she said, leaning over to kiss his cheek, a gesture she used in informal situations to show her appreciation.

“Now Bonito,” she said, standing up, and pacing back and forth on the bed, making the matress bounce up and down, “We need a plan. I will need you to escort me wherever I go. These guys lurk everywhere and will only strike if I’m alone, you got that bonito?” He nodded, or twitched, she couldn’t tell the difference, but continued nonetheless.

“Bueno. This is muito importante. Now, if anyone asks, you are my boyfriend, lover, whatever. Hmm. I’ll call you Ricardo. Sounds good no? That will get Marguerite off my back. And yes, most importantly don’t tell Marguerite.”


“Sim, yes, my friend. She’s louco.”

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