1964, A Continued Story

Dear Husband-To-Be,

Sorry about that last letter, we had to relocate, they had found us. They are.. gone, now, though. So it’s fine. I don’t believe I told you what happened – I’ll give you all the details.

Working on the front line has definitly taken it’s toll on me. The dirt that is flown into the air is unbearable, I could almost taste the bugs that have crawled around. The only sights to been seen is from the occasional break in the trees, where the tiniest speck of light shines through. I can only rely on my sense of hearing to tell me where the enemy is, but they heard me first. A tree fell a good hundred yards away, forcing my gaze to follow that direction. The perfect opportunity for them – they shot repeatedly, bullets flying widely amongst our group. Most likely, there were more than one guns, because some of our people went down. I didn’t know them, but I couldn’t worry about anyone but myself.

Break is over, I must go out again, I’m sorry – I’ll finish in the next letter. I love you!

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