1964, An Expounded Adventure

Dear Husband-To-Be,

My handwriting may be a little sloppier this time, I’m trying to get this story done before I have to leave again.

From natural reflexes, I crouched low, keeping my head even lower, so perhaps they wouldn’t see me. I waited for minutes that seemed to drag on for hours, until I was sure that I was alone. Cautiously, I rose from my position and sprinted my retreat. My excellent subtleness wasn’t stupendous enough, for they heard me, and fired. Again, I flung myself to the ground, but alas they had hit me. I couldn’t fathem what had happened at the time, which is expected because I had passed out.

I awoke to see Judy, my troop’s nurse, working on the left side of my face. So desperately I wanted to grasp at my ear where my ear was supposed to be, but she whacked me and told me to be still. Turns out, I lost my left ear, and all of the hearing ability from it.

There. I have finished my incredulous story, and on a happy note I must leave. I miss and love you, goodbye!

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