The Jonas Robbery Part 8: Nick My Savior

I hugged Joe and continued to cry, staining his blue sweater with my tears. He gently patted me on the back.

Then I went to Nick, who was still standing by Kevin. “You…saved my life,” I choked out. His face was tear stained. He looked as if he didn’t understand. But, I didn’t care. I wrapped my arms around him as tight as I could, and cried yet again. He embraced me. My face was pressed against his shoulder, I didn’t want to let go.

“Don’t worry. We made it,” Nick whispered into my ear.He was still crying, too.

“It’s okay. You’re fine, you’re fine,” Kevin assured me.

The sound of sirens was suddenly audible. I glanced up. Joe gently put his hand on my shoulder. “The police are here,” he said, “We better go get them.”

I reluctantly let go of Nick. He patted my back and then let me go.

“Wait,” I said as they started toward the front of the store. “You have to help me. I think my ankle’s broken.”

Joe and Kevin came over to me. I put my arms over their shoulders.

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