“I’m guessing your a fan of our music.” Kevin smiled at me.
“Huge.” I said taking off my coat to reveal a shirt that said “Joe Jonas is my Superman.”
“Nice shirt.” Nick said.
Joe turned bright red.
“Well, now I can officially say that’s the truth. I don’t know how long I would’ve been out there if you hadn’t come out and offered me a ride.” I said beaming.
“Wow, Joe your a hero.” Kevin said punching him playfully in the arm.
Moe came back before Joe could reply.
“I attached your car to the R.V so we can tow it to a repair shop.” he said.
“Thank you so much!” I exclaimed.
“Your Welcome.” Moe said.
“Hey, sit down.” Nick gestured to a spot on the bed next to him.
“Thanks. You don’t think my name is strange? Most people tell me it sounds reversed.” I said.
Joe sat on the bunk across from me next to Kevin.
“No. It’s pretty awesome I think. Do you have a nickname?” he asked.
“Yeah. Call me Wes.” I smiled.
The R.V jolted as Moe started off down the road.

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