in TRUST we DIE so long AND goodbye (I love you hate you)

Something blue
I love you too.
Something red
Reminds me of the dead.
Something green
She is so mean.
Something pink
Her name is Blink.
Something brown
Makes me frown.
Something black
I don’t got your back.
Something white
Is out of sight.
Something gray
Keeps the doctor away.
Something scarlett
I hate Charlotte.
Something yellow
He used to be a good fellow.
Something peach
I’m scared as we’re out of reach of each other.
Something rose
Look at how the wind blows slowly, softly into the night casting a shadow over all that fright the monsters and the gouls scaring away all the people and the fools. Look at the stars if you can see Mars. Look at me if you feel you must be sick and sorrowful dazed and joyful. Look at him his eyes are dim as I hope he isn’t ok. I laugh in your grief and you in mine. So long and goodbye I hope you will die as you die in laughter and I die in grief as we ponder so long but eyes never meet.

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