One HIT Wonder in ONE LAST Try

Goodbyes and kisses are all that are left in this bloody mess that I never knew that I loved you too as the stars stood awake in the night that was fake with the love of the couples and the hate of the people as were in the same bed I want to kill and slash your head as this isnot a lovely goodnight but a sweet farewell but a stupid song sung wrong on the spot as a day that was empty and a night that was restless as a fake ID and the teenagers awake as the heart of the people stood dying on the spot and the way the people treat you just as they were taught as the freaks and the weirds stay sleeping inone bed I worry that were already dead looking down onthe people as we all die alone as the days are restless and as the evenings are nothing as the homes are scorched just like my heart like you and me as we ponder so long as our eyes meet and our hands touch as our fate is grusome and our love abrupt as we hate and we love both with a passion physical and mental alone we are just staringsitting alone alone am I

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