Sincerely Me

Dear Journal,

I like lists. They are neat, and orderly, and easy to read. Why can’t life be like that? Be they bulletted, numbered, or even pro-con lists, I find them beautiful. Life is so unorderly. I need my lists to sort it out.

Especially useful, I find, are the lists of the pro-con variety. I don’t see how anyone makes a choice without first writing down the risks and possible benefits first.

I like things besides lists, too. Things like:
Correct grammar (grammar spelled correctly, of course)
Correct spelling
Straight lines
Rulers (of the measuring type, with a straightedge)

I don’t enjoy semicolons. I have to love the colon, because it heads off a list. The semicolon, however, is just a silly little symbol that makes a comma splice legal by adding a suspended dot.

My previous entry about being tall. I haven’t yet decided whether or not I like my height. It sets me apart. That bothers me.


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