Morning Thoughts

It was such a stupid idea to stay up so late last night. Now I’m barely awake.

As I walk to work, I feel asleep.

I’m afraid that I’m going to fall asleep on the subway.

What did I do last night? I’m so tired I don’t even remember.

I need coffee.

Coffee and a scone would be better.

I wish I were in bed.

I’m going to fall asleep in all of my meetings today.

Maybe I can call in sick today and just sleep the rest of the day.

Do you think anyone would notice?

I really shouldn’t.

How many vacation hours do I have left?

But I have so many projects at work that have to be done.

This is going to be a horrible day.

Where is Starbucks when I need it?

Nothing starts the day off right like a Frappuccino.

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