Landing Aforethought

“But my wings are so small…”, she thought as she looked over the edge of the roof to the lawn below.

“Come on, you can do it. Give me a couple good flaps.”

Cass extended her wings to their full length and tried flapping them a couple times. The lift they generated almost threw her backwards off the roof, but she caught herself and started giggling. “I guess I could fly”, she muttered to herself.

Cassandra backed up to the peak of the roof, squared her shoulders, extended her wings, scrunched up her face and started running. She leapt off the roof with a lunge and a mighty flap of her new wings.

She was off! She was flying! Alexandra jumped up and down, pumping her fist and hooting.

Cass was giddy with the thought of true freedom – the freedom no teenager really knows. And then it dawned on her. She was flying now, but how would she land

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