Take the Parrot That Warns of Danger

You decide to take the parrot that warns of danger. The witch waves her hand around her arm a few times, mutters some strange phrases, and a colorful parrot appears on her arm. As soon as you accept your gift, the witch disappears.

“Hey! Come back!” you scream.

Zoe and Joe weren’t thrilled with your choice.

“Who elected you leader, huh?” says Joe.

“Yeah!” adds Zoe, “Don’t you think about us once in a while? Maybe I wanted the branch of everlasting fire. At least we would have fire at night to keep us warm! Now we’re going to freeze, and probably starve!”

“I wanted the compass! We are here for the treasure, aren’t we?” says Joe.

A brief but extremely intense fight ensues, and sparks fly. It suddenly ends with Joe and Zoe running off into opposite ends of the forest and you screaming after them to come back.

Chase after Joe.
Chase after Zoe.
Stay where you are and continue looking for treasure yourself. After all, you have the map

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