Take the Branch of Everlasting Fire

After some deliberation with Joe and Zoe, you all decide to take the branch of everlasting fire. It will help keep you warm, cook food, and light the way during the night and in the dark forest.

The witch waves her hands around and mutters some strange phrases, and a lit, wood branch appears in her hand. She hands it to you and disappears.

“Hey!” yells Zoe, “I wanted to ask her some questions about tis weird island! I mean, witches? Magic? It’s like a fairytale come to life!”

“Yeah,” agreed Joe, “I have a weird feeling that this place has more to it then meets the eye.”

“Maybe,” you say, “Come on! Let’s keep going! We need to find a place to camp before night falls.”

You, Joe, and Zoe walk deeper into the forest, still searching for twigs and other useful fire starters.

Then, out of nowhere, Joe gets lifted into the air by the foot! Zoe screams. You find your knife in your pocket and take it out.

Stay and fight.
Take Zoe and run.
Grab Joe’s hand.

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