Take the Compass that Points Toward Treasure

You are about to answer that you would like the compass that points towards treasure, when Joe suddenly jumps in front of you and blurts out, “I want the compass!”
Zoe smacks herself on the head. You smile. Looks like you and Joe want the same thing. Treasure!
The witch waves her hands around, mutters strange phrases, and a compass appears in Joe’s hand. Then she disappears.
“Weird,” says Joe.
“Yeah. Good choice, Joe!” You say, “I was about to say the same thing!”
“Great. I’m stuck here with two idiots that can’t think of anything but treasure,” yells Zoe, “We already had out stupid treasure map!”
You and Joe both realize your mistake. Zoe grabs the map out of your back pocket, runs out onto the beach, and yells something behind her back about not getting killed by the stupid decisions of two self-centered idiots. Before you know it, she’s gone around a bend and is out of sight.

You run after Zoe, and the map.
You look for treasure without her.
You decide to let her steam for a while and go find her later.

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