Simply Jenna

Okay, let me start out by saying that most people think I’m strange. I don’t fit it in. People in school…they make fun of me. I’m…different. But, I don’t mind.

Like, I’m very orderly. Not a single thing in my room is out of place. I have a specific outfit for each day of the week. Monday is a red T-shirt and jean shorts. Tuesday-a yellow, lacy shirt and light blue jeans. Wednesday-my favorite plaid skirt, brown stockings, a plain, white shirt, and a plaid vest to match my skirt. Thursday I go more casual with pink cloth pants and a long sleeved pink shirt. On Friday, I wear a…well, I’m probably boring you with this.

My life is normal for the most parts, but it does have its strange, interesting twists. I’m quite satisfied with where I am in life. I have my exciting moments, my emotional moments, but for the most part I’m…happy. Is that so wrong? I don’t go to counseling, my parents aren’t ruining my life, I don’t do drugs.

I’m simply, Jenna.

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