Psychic Hookup

I walked into the shop, the little bell tinkling over my head.

“Now who do we have here?” The woman, or “psychic”, said in a fake accent.

“Well, can’t you tell?” I asked rather politely.

She scowled at my remark. The strange woman could probably tell I was one of those people.

“Ok, my name is Chris,” I said reluctantly.

“Ahh, Chris, now what do you want Lady Fiona to find in your future?” she asked in that mystic voice of hers.

If you want the truth, it was hard to take her serious in all that garb.

Stifling a laugh, I said, “Well, I was actually wondering if you could look into your own future,” he said, expecting a look of reproach on her face.
He was right.

“And why would you want to know anything about myyyy future?” she inquired, some of her powering mystique faltering with her curiosity.

“Well, I was just wondering if.. if you saw a man named Joe in your future. You know, that single guy who was in last week?”

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