It was almost as if the world around me just didn’t exist anymore. I knew there were tons of students rushing about the cafeteria, laughing and talking with their friends, simply enjoying the day.
I used to be one of those. I used to have fun, have friends, and the biggest problems I ever had to deal with were the massive amounts of homework and which movie my friends and I should see this weekend.
Many times I wondered how I got to be here, sitting all alone in the corner of the lunchroom. Then the memories of that one night would creep back into my mind and I had to shove them away.
I tried to look on the bright side, but the more I tried to come up with something, the harder it was to do so. I sighed and stared at my tuna sandwich.
I didn’t look up at first. The person who had just set their lunch tray down in front of me most likely hadn’t even noticed that I was sitting here. When they realized their mistake, they’d pick up their tray and quietly leave. But they didn’t leave.
I looked up.

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