Malificent: Notorious Villainess Unmasked

Sheets of rain poured down, attacking my travel-weary fragility.
Why on mountains? Why always on top of mountains?
I looked at my shakey hand preparing to knock on the looming door. While summoning up the courage, I examined the incrypted door.
I knocked.
The small impact echoed, as the door creaked open.
I peered inside. Walking in, I found myself in a dark hall. Cobwebs and foreign organisms lay strewn across the dusty floor.
“Are you going to shut that?” A voice send from behind me.
Spinning around, I saw the dark, haunting beauty staring me in the eyes.
“Well, what do you want?” She continued. “Are you another reporter? Are you someone from Disney? I payed my dues, darnit. I have enough shame, thanks to your damn franchise. I didn’t make her prick her damn finger. I swear, that Aurora was so clumsy. ‘Knew it would hurt her someday..but no. Let’s blame evil Malificent. Beautiful Princess Aurora is faultless. But Malificent: She cast a spell on that merchant’s son…”

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