Six Word Memoirs - WINNER (?)

People are sending me notes wondering when I’m going to pick a winner. I was going to wait until the challenge fell off the front page, but it shows no sign of doing that any time soon.

I’ve read through these honestly trying to pick a winner. They’re amazing. I’m left thinking, “the winner is the person that takes the time to read through all of these”. It sounds corny, but anyone who has done just that must agree with me.

It really shows the power of six small words. There are examples of every writing style. Comedy, mystery, tragedy, romance…

I would be doing everyone a real disservice choosing one of them as a winner. The best I can do is offer one of my favorites:

The very first entry by Kimball Kinnison.

It encapsulated hope, despair, loss and growth. Those six words held volumes.

Don’t call it the winner, though. Do yourself a favour. Choose your own. Reading them all may seem a daunting task, but they’re only six words each.

And please keep submitting them! They reward writer and reader.

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