Simply Jenna-Pondering

Another bit of information about me. I ponder things. I can think about something for days until I come up with an explenation, because it bothers me if I don’t understand something.

Like, why did they start making shirts with sayings on them? Are the sayings supposed to make people laugh? Is it supposed to make the shirt seem personalized? But, that can’t be because thousands of people would buy the same shirt, and it would no longer be personal. Maybe they were just bored and didn’t know what else to do. Who thought of that idea anyway?

...I still haven’t figured that one out. My parents say I think too much about things, but I truly enjoy it. It’s almost…exciting.

Oh! I should mention that I’m 14. Everyone says I’m very mature for my age. I guess it’s true. I view it not so much that I’m mature, just that everyone else is immature. I mean, it seems like a compliment. But, after a while, you get sick of hearing it. What am I, 40 or something?

Now I need to go think about that.


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