Changing Seasons

Changing seasons, changing lives. Nothing ever stays the same, and it can be hard and even heartbreaking to accept.
Spring is like birth. You’re young, and you’ve just started out. New sights, new things to do. New life, new hope. Summer is when you’re a kid. You can do anything you want. With lots of sunshine to balance out the rain, blue skies, you’re free to run around. You’re not a little kid anymore,and you’re not an adult.
Fall is when you grow up. You’re older now, and more worn out. Its colder, and you have to slow down. You cant run around and do whatever you want anymore. Winter is death – cold and harsh, menacing and unforgiving. You cant leave home now, and you have to stay in bed until that one day when you close your eyes.
And you die.
But then, spring returns. And it is birth again.

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