More Problems

His face was silhouetted against street light – still dark outside. He rose the revolver, aiming.
“Sorry, Kyle.”
I threw up the blanket between us , trying to shield myself. Then two flashes, and a searing pain in my right ear. I suppressed the urge to reach for my ear, trying my best to go limp. I felt the blanket being lifted up, a sigh from Dwayne, the trunk being slammed. The engine starting barely registered above the blood thumping in my head. Now I reached for my ear, and regretted it immediately. Blood everywhere, even worse since I couldn’t actually see what it looked like. Then light on my face again, just a brief flash. Hallucinations? It did it again. I did my best to look towards the light. The trunk lid was bouncing up and down, open. Apparently the blanket jammed the lock, since I could hear it flapping in the wind. I held the trunk open and peered outside, just a crack. Empty street, who knows where. No buildings or houses, just dark road.

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