Onox and Me #1

2:30 AM. I walk through the wet streets. The rain slaps against the ground, and thunder crashes and bangs around me. Every so often a bolt of lightning lights up the sky like daytime, and a clap of thunder errupts, obliterating the sound of the storm. Then, you hear nothing but the rain and the occasional woosh of a car passing through the streets….
2:43 AM. From the sky, I look down into the streets. A car is crashed into a telephone pole, completely smashed. There is a man lying on the ground. Lightning brightens up the sky for a split second, and for a split second I can see the two people standing near the body. One is a small girl, one is a woman. I can see the girls tear streamed face, and then I can only see shadows as the girl runs over to the man on the ground. Obviously, she is his daughter. “Daddy! Daddy!â€? she cries, kneeling by him.

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