I'm Sorry... #2

Soon, my legs become wobbly. My vision becomes fuzzy and watery. I fall to the ground. Here I am sprawled out on the floor.My breathing is getting shorter…these are my final minutes. I’m not ready for this! I don’t want to die anymore… I want to live! “Help!” I cry, but all I can stifle is a whisper. It’s too late. No one can hear me now. I want now more than ever to feelmy mothers arms wrapped around me in a hug. What will she think when she finds me?What am I putting her through? Well, all I can say now is goodbye, and I’m sorry.I’msorry I was such a bad kid.I’m sorry I never listened. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. My breath is getting shorter now, my eyes are closing. I must leave now. The angels are here, they say its time to go. I wish I could say goodbye to you, mom. I’ll be with Daddy now. Tell Hayley not to worry for me, and you be strong too, mom. Promise me you’ll never forget me. Now I have to go.
I’m sorry.

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