Overcast Chaos

As the storm rumbled over the once quiet and peaceful town,the local citizens started to panic.
Never had they seen such a ferocious oncoming storm in their time…

The sky was a deep purpley-blue,with dark overcast clouds filling patches of the unforgettable night sky. As the clouds rolled in,so did the loud,deafening cracks of thunder, which sent the litteluns of Decklan Hill scurrying to the safe arms of their mothers,fathers and older brothers or sisters.

Some of the town people who had already secured their loose objects and unsteady house pieces in preparation of the storm,were perched in their seats,glaring out at the ever so fast approaching danger. Meanwhile,those who were not so fortunate,were in a hectic rush to make sure their belongings and loved ones would be safe,once under destruction of the forecasted heavy,cyclonic winds.

The small,communal town was in chaos,as they boarded up windows and tied down yard objects,that were far too heavy too remove in such a small period of time.

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