More and More

Are you sure you’re not perfect? Are you sure you’re not the one? Because the way I feel about you, I don’t want this to be just fun. You take my breath away when you utter those three words and when those 10 letters enter my ear, they’re the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard. I know love can’t start at one in the morning but I swear you stole my heart without warning. And thwn we say I hate you but really mean adore, I laugh at how you want to make love through our war. Then I sit here and think about us and who we are and try to think of what would make you come those 50 miles in your car. In your “I don’t cares” and “Whatevers” I hear the love you hide. I”m so scared of the future but I want you by my side. You love this strange girl whose scared of her own past but you look me in the eye and beg me to make it last. And here I am saying that no matter what I say, I swear and promise and vow to love you more and more each day.

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