the silent truth

Meanwhile,Katrina considered whether now would be the right time to leave silently,or whether it would be the perfect time to sit and wait for Ellen to talk.All feelings of hatred towards this girl left her mind as she decided to stay,and sat waiting for Ellen to pluck up the courage to speak.

A few moments passed,when Katrina was startled by the sudden sound of Ellen’s voice…

“I loved him.. I gave him everything I had and never expected anything in return…”

Katrina sat in silence,staring at Ellen,waiting for her to continue with the same anticipation,as a child has when waiting for their pre-school teacher to continue reading ‘The Cat in the Hat’.

“My family, my friends, I gave it all up, just to be with him. Just to make him happy… it worked at first. But then after a while.. after he started getting bored with me.. he would sleep with girls behind my back..” Ellen paused for a moment,she took a few deep breaths,holding back her tears as to not break down again.

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