Lisa and Liz: come on out Girlfriends! Part 3

Oh gosh Lisa said Liz…I’ve been waiting for you to FINALLy say that to me! She leaned forward and gently kissed Lisa on the lips. Lisa was as stunned as she could be! “Wow! “she had never felt passion like that with Aaron! Now all the pieces of the puzzle were coming together finally! But something else puzzled her now. “Liz, I thought you went out with all of those different men?” I thought you had men running hot and cold in and out of your house constantly.” “Lisa…laughed Liz…”I just told you I did darling. “Those were women, some very butch women. The more “girly” women were what we call “lipstick lesbians.” They were who you thought were just my buddies. But anyway I knew for so long you were unhappy with him and I knew why but I knew you were not ready yet to admit it. You wanted to try and make it work with that ‘breeder.” But all the time I knew at some point some day you would be ready! and now here we are! Are you ready Lisa! Are you ready to embark on this journey with me? Lisa?” Hmm?

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