teenage stupidity

With their hands entwined, Fin and Karen exchanged worried glances..

What were they going to do? How were they going to cope.. emotionally and financially?
What on Earth were their parents going to say..?

Fin only 16 and Karen 17, it was clear to the both of them that they were at too young of age to handle being parents. Way too young…
They certainly didn’t have the financial support, nor were they certain they’d have the support from their families.

All they could do was hope, as they stepped out of the doctors clinic 5 minutes later, Fin paused in the street to wipe Karens’ tears from her delicate face.

“Baby, it’s going to be okay..”
“How Fin? How is it going to be okay? How could we have been so fucking stupid?”. Her voice started to rise with anger and frustration as the realisation of her becoming a mother, finally hit her.
“Please dont yell Karen, people are starting to stare,” Fin asked quietly.
“Don’t yell? I’ll yell all I fucking want to thankyou! Do you realise what this means?”

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