as the secrets unravel

Completely confused as to how Ellen so quickly came to this conclusion,yet secretly glad that somebody had finally taken the time to notice,Katrina stopped.

She quietly made her way back to the place Ellen sat, still sobbing and eratically wiping the tears which flowed from her bright blue eyes.
As she sat back down,she started to talk almost in a whisper like tone,
“He promised me it would only happen once..He said that if I let him..and I didn’t say anything to anybody..then it would all be over..”
Ellen was instantly drawn into Katrina’s confession.Never had she thought, she would come across someone who knew exactly how it felt..and never would she have imagined it to be this girl of them all.
Now,starting to feel guilty for all the teasing and the torment, she listened intently as Katrina continued.
“He wasn’t over.It started happening on a weekly basis..soon a daily.If i fought back..he would hit me,hurt me more.But he was careful..careful to do it in places that were easy to hide..”

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