When we were young..

Why is it that when you hit a certain age, all the fun, all the feelings of not having a care in the world, just seem to disappear?

All those times it was alright for you to run around naked in public, all those times it was okay to splash in the mud puddles after it had been raining for days on end..
all those times…gone.

And what for?Responsibility?Hurt?Broken Hearts?Being let down by the ones who are closest to you?
Doesn’t seem fair right?

From frolicking in the sandy rock pools at the beach filled with wonderful sea creatures, to putting on your best business smile and carrying a posh, professional like brief case seems like a huge step doesn’t it?

Wouldn’t it be good if we could swing by the branches of the mango trees again, or stuff our faces with chocolate cake in public without being looked at with disgust? Wouldn’t it be nice, if for 5 minutes, we could forget everything that we have to worry about, and carry with us that not having a care in the world feeling?
i think so..

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