You and I

I can’t believe I did it. She actually agreed to the mask. We giggle and laugh as we put on the green stuff. The night is filled with happiness, with hints of hyperness in between.
From the first time I met her I didn’t think that she would ever do this sort of thing with me. Seeing this once small, gothic girl, now laughing and wearing bright colours fills me with joy.
If I had never met her, I wouldn’t be so happy. I wouldn’t have ever ventured out of my box. I wouldn’t have found the joy in art that I have now. Such similarities, yet exact opposites. Ying and Yang, together and never apart.
As the years go by, we will go our seperate ways to find our dreams and live our lives, but at heart together forever we shall be. A promise made with a drop of blood, you and I redefine “ever”

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