Onox and Me #2

I float down, and sit next to her. How much I want to hug her, but if I touch her I will be seen. And that must not happen. I feel an intolerable pain in my chest, and It’s hard to breathe. I look at the little girl, sobbing and crying. I was her once. I know how it feels to lose a father. I place my hand in the man’s chest, and blow my icy breath over his face. I whisper the secret spell, and I feel the warmth draining from his body. I can breathe again, and the pain stops. “Don’t leave me, Daddy!â€? the little girl wails. I know that it is better this way, though. I wipe my tears away, and try not to look at the girl as float back up to the sky. The job is done. it is not an easy one, sometimes it is heartbreaking, but it must be done .

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