Onox and Me #3

Onox is waiting for me. I fall into his arms, crying.
“You had to do it.” he said, stroking my hair.
Flashbacks suddenly come at me. I see myself sitting in my room all alone, crying. My father had just died. He has gotten in a terrible 6 car pileup – it was on the news! We had gotten the call from the hospital. My mom picked it up and started crying immideatley. She didn’t have to say it…. I knew. She had screamed at me, said it was all my fault he was dead, and started hitting me all over, and then I had escaped. I had ran up to my attic room, and sat there crying and shivering, even though it wasn’t cold. My mother was abusive and cruel to me. I had nothing to live for. All I had of Daddy was the wolf medallion he had given me for my tenth birthday. Now thirteen, I was heartbroken. I ran out of the house, tears blinding me, so I didn’t see the car coming. I remember hearing a screech, a yell, and I remember myself screaming, and I remember the pain. Then, it was all black.

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