Onox and Me #4

And I remember arriving here. I awoke in a field of flowers – blue, pink and purple hibiscuses. Onox had his arms around me. “Wh-Where am I?â€? I sobbed, looking around in confusion.
“Angela…â€? he put his hand on my cheek and turned my head to face his. His ice blue eyes looked into mine.
“Angela, you’re…. You’ve been hit by a car… I’m afraid you’re…â€?
“No!â€? I cried, trying to pull away from him. “I-I CAN ’T be…â€? But as I looked down at my hands, I realized my body was transparent. He took both my hands. “Let me show you something.â€? he said, helping me off the ground. The flowers and grass melted away, and here we were, in front of my old house, in the dead of night. There was the green SUV , and there was my body, lying in the road.
“I-I can’t look.â€? I cried, looking away. Onox nodded, and waved his hand. Then we were back in the garden.

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