2 hours
I stopped playing the radio game to hear songs, instead looking for news. Finally I hear a report. “Traffic is backed up on Hwy 40 for several miles due to an overturned tanker truck spilling thousands of gallons of milk. It will be several hours before traffic will be moving again, so if you’re headed out,...” I turned off the radio. My brain took in this information. My stomach rumbled, the first to protest. I leaned back in my seat.

4 hours
I woke with a start at the incessant honking. When did I doze off? Traffic had moved up about 20 yards. Geez! Impatient people. I hate ‘em! We were beginning to inch forward. Stupid stomach, churning on itself in agony. And now my bladder was wrestling for attention over my stomach.

5 hours
After driving about 3 miles, I finally came upon the scene. It was gruesome and heart-wrenching. The truck hadn’t only overturned, it had smashed two other vehicles beyond recognition. I wondered how anyone could survive. I felt lucky.

Then I drove safely home.

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