I have orange pop spilled all over me and the teacher tells me I have to go see the principal

“Hahaha!!!!!!!” Everyone burst with laughter as I stood there, orange soda dripping off my brand new pink shirt. Bobby stood there, still pointing the pop can at me.

I just stared at him….as tears formed in my eyes. “How could he?” I thought.

All my hopes and dreams disappeared. I had loved Bobby for….I didn’t even remember how long. I had always thought that, maybe, we could become friends….maybe even date. But now I knew the truth, he hated me. What had I done that was so bad? I just told him how I felt. And my friends…oh! How could I ever forgive them?!

I ran off to the bathroom to clean myself up. I wept in the bathroom for about fifteen minutes. I was heartbroken.

When I left the rest room, a teacher approached me, apparently informed by my fellow classmates what had happened. “Tarra, the principal would like to see you,” she said, and escorted me to his office.

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