I Can't Live Without You

A boy and a girl went to the drive-in movies.
They were seeing a romatic movie.
As they were coming home the boy pulled over the car.

Boy: Baby i have somethin’ to say…
Girl: Whats wrong? are you ok?

boy: yes im fine… there is nothing to worry about.
girl:: ok… then what is it?

boy: i just wanted you to know that i could never live without you.

The girl was starring at the note she was holding in her hand and started to cry. she hands him the note and it read:

im sorry i have to say this, but it’s time for me to go. i cant see you any longer. i just cant handle the pain of loving you anymore

the boy looks over at her as she is saying shes sorry. right then a drunk driver hits the car killing the boy. the girl had miracuosly survived. she shouted to the sky i didn’t know how much you ment to me until you were gone….

when smeone truly loves you. you will know it.

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