A Love Letter To My Fellow Ficleteers..Two Months Later

Dearest You Once Again,

Throughout the doldrums of the idiocy of my society, and those of others, surrounded by philistine influences and stresses, I wish to thank you, once again, for allowing a breath of fresh air to enter my closed window. Your thoughts and words have inspired me, and everyone else, to broaden horizons and expand on old thoughts. Furthermore, I applaud you for taking the time and effort to consistently do so. Even on such days when you are feeling uninspired and dull, post a comment; give a compliment; make someone else’s day. The countless comments I have received bring even harder to track smiles. Such a smile might lead to helping another, or doing something kind.
So, happy February (or Febuary depending on where you are) my Fellow Ficleteers. Hands on keyboard; ideas set winding; write to change the world.

When life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade. Sell them.

Best Regards and the most temporate of wishes,
Cat the Dancing Mouse (CTDM)

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