Made of blood? Could it be true? The Birth Center had promised me results, but never did I expect them this fast. Genetic tampering of this sort was said to take weeks, if not years to implement itself. Something had triggered his change too fast.

“Well, look at what we have here,â€? a gruff man armored in red, white, and blue said as he lifted me into the air by my throat. The patriot didn’t even take the time to address my wounds. “The Birth Center actually having some success. Never thought I would see that happen in my day.â€?

“I fully intend to make that success the end of you,â€? I say faking bravery as I spit a wad of blood into his face.

“Big mistake,â€? my opponent warned as he threw me into the ground with a resonating smack. I had just pissed off America’s greatest super weapon and I was about to pay for it. Really pay for it…

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